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Propelling eCommerce growth through an intuitive, human touch-driven approach

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June 15, 2023
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June 29, 2023
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The future of eCommerce is HTC

The future of eCommerce lies within creating individualized, personalized and meaningful experiences for shoppers. This requires a human touch.

Our vision is to create stories and experiences that will stay in consumers’ minds long after they’ve left the store.

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The community for eCommerce leaders

HumanTouchCommerce is one of the fastest-growing communities of leading companies and thought leaders in the field of eCommerce. Our mission is to help foster learning, development, and innovation in the industry by bringing together the brightest minds in eCommerce. Together we are propelling eCommerce growth through an intuitive, human touch-driven approach.

The growth of low experience, transactional eCommerce has reached its limits. The future of eCommerce does not belong to the likes of Amazon—it belongs to the new generation of informed and relentlessly demanding customers.

The HTC Manifesto

HTC is eCommerce for premium, well-loved brands with premium, well-loved products. It offers the best of both worlds - it’s digital, efficient and scalable while taking the experience to a whole new level.

High Tech

We believe technology solutions need to evolve. We craft a future built on integrated, seamless technology built around the user.

High Touch

We believe customer interaction is key. We approach new channels with an individualized approach to build meaningful customer loyalty.

High Ticket

We believe elite products offer better value. We create tailored and sustainable experiences through valuable products and services.

High-tech, high-ticket, high-touch. These are the pillars of eCommerce in the future.

Armin Dressler

HTC Ambassador,
Exuberance Capital CEO


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