Reconnecting commerce to the human touch.

Reconnecting commerce to the human touch

Propelling boundless eCommerce growth through an intuitive, human touch-driven approach.

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Join us as we explore how established and emerging breeds of commerce tech are making ecommerce more relevant and contextualized for the consumer.

San Jose

October 3, 2022
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October 5, 2022
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New York

October 6, 2022
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Stephen Wietrecki


Christian Hassold


Armin Dressler


Ohad Hecht


Charlie Hinojosa

Co-Founder & CCO

Nathan Thompson

President & Co-Founder at Octane AI

Ben Parr

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Reconnecting commerce to the human touch

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What is HTC?

HumanTouchCommerce is one of the fastest-growing communities of leading companies and thought leaders in the field of eCommerce. Our mission is to help foster learning, development, and innovation in the industry by bringing together the brightest minds in eCommerce.

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The future of eCommerce lies in the human touch.

The commerce landscape is changing. With technology rapidly advancing and consumers heavily relying on commerce, being “always online” becomes a necessity. However, somewhere along the line, a crucial element has been lost: the human touch.


Why HTC?



We tell it like it is. Discover the reality of eCommerce according to experts working in the field.



Marketing needs to be meaningful, relevant, and truthful. We respect the informed customer.


Product Centric

At HTC, the product comes first. Content, stories, and data are all focused around the product first.



The context defines the purchase. We take into the account the need, desire, location, and more.

Highlights from the first HTC event in Munich.

Highlights from the first HTC event in Munich.

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The growth of low experience, transactional eCommerce has reached its limits. The future of eCommerce does not belong to the likes of Amazon—it belongs to the new generation of informed and relentlessly demanding customers.

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Creation of HumanTouchCommerce requires an adaptive landscape.

Composable software architecture is the solution to constant evolution in a highly competitive world. It’s the only way to succeed.

The biggest opportunities and the biggest challenges in B2B and B2C commerce are high-ticket, high-tech, and high-touch.

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High-tech, high-ticket, high-touch. These are the pillars of eCommerce in the future.

Armin Dressler

HTC Ambassador,
Exuberance Capital CEO


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